I found a great article to help me with my next goal! #Australia #first-class for #free or almost free #check it out: 25k Free Oneway on a Domestic #Award Delta is the only airline that allows free oneways on awards wholly within the continental US and Canada. That means you can get three one way…

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Ever look at a new photo of yourself and find lots of reasons not to like it? The light, your hair, your profile, your nose, your smile,you know, stuff. And then, a few years later, you see that same photo, and you’re like, “I looked totally hot back then!

You’re totally hot right now. Please don’t wait a few years to give yourself permission to see who you are and love every second of it.

You’re supernatural, totally amazing, with a graceful swagger, healing touch, and a mesmeric, melodious voice. #YOU were the Universe’s first choice “who to be next,” all those years ago, and that choice is still alive and well.