This past April, I took my first TransAtlantic cruise on Celebrity starting in Ft. Lauderdale and ending in Roma.  I was surprised to learn the free perks offered by Celebrity do not apply on long cruises.   (Tips, Drinks, Internet package to choose from etc)  My research also showed that transatlantic cruises can sometimes price cheaper than more destination based cruises.  The longer you are onboard the more money you are likely to spend.

Transatlantic cruising can be a cheaper and more exciting mode of transportation than an airline. One of the best advantages of a transatlantic crossing is the elimination of jet lag. You will arrive at your destination either in Europe or the U.S. without needing two to catch up to the local time zone. I also learned the average age on a Transatlantic cruise is 65.  If you want to feel you again, I highly recommend it.

Below are a few of my tips and observations for cruising.

Cruises offer a variety of entertainment and activities. If you find yourself on the verge of activity-overload, scout out a quiet spot to watch the sea. I usually search for both an indoor viewing area as well as an outdoor, wind-blocked vantage point. Sunny days with flat seas warrant an outdoor vantage point

You can find an itinerary which will visit two to five ports along the way once you’ve crossed the ocean.  I saw the Canary Islands ( no birds:, French and Spanish Isles. Now, several cruise lines are eliminating the “cruise” portion and are almost mainlining straight across with only one port visit before debarkation in Europe.

Why not start planning your trip today? If you would like the convenience of staying in the same cabin for back-to-back cruises, book early. Otherwise, your room attendant can help you change cabins on turnaround day. But if you can remain in the same cabin, it’s so much easier and less stressful.

Once you’ve experienced the exhilaration and excitement of crossing an ocean, you may become hooked.