It is so easy to focus on what is missing instead of  focusing on our gains both big and small.  I encourage you every day to set a goal and then be open for miracles to unfold.  We can simply write our  outline but the adventure of life is all the plot twists and turns.  Be open.

When something makes you happy take time to bathe in it.  This is my new goal and it feels wonderful.  Do not underestimate your self. Do not accept negativity. Have an attitude of gratitude to bring in more blessings.

Let’s set future goals.  My future goals for 2017 are to make my income primarily from on camera work, have a power agent who adores me, have a second home, find /live with my soulmate and be a light bearer to the world through laughter and communication.

Now, lets pat our selves on the back.  What are you happy about?  What have you accomplished? Write down 5 -10 things you are most proud of or excited about.  My favorite things du jour: I have an amazing doorman apartment at an unbeatable rate in the world’s most amazing city.  I am an author.  I starred on a show for Food Network and still get to talk to fans. I am in great health. I got a free first class ticket to Australia from Delta valued at 11,000 dollars .  I have a credited principle role on Ep 5 of the USA Network TV Show “Falling Water” airing at 10pm on November 10th!  Thank you Universe.  Now, lets write down your accomplishments and celebrate the spectacular you!