As discussed in my book, hotels offer different reward programs.  Hilton and Starwood (SPG) often offer a five dollar in house spend incentive or points for refusing house keeping. Many hotels will also supply food vouchers if you have status and their concierge lounge is closed.

This January, in a San Jose Hilton, a co-worker/friend and I put my methods to the test.  I asked her for one coupon. After using my charm with the front desk, we had more than enough to cover our feast. We had 4 wines, one soda, two appetizers, bread and a seafood entree.

How did the deal break down.  On social media, some people wanted to know the tables, food and way the bill is listed.  I can not explain how a waitress in San Jose writes an order but I can explain how to eat for free.  We had 20 dollars in 5 dollar coupons to cover our entree.  We used my 2 free appetizer coupons.  We used 5 free drink tickets.  Our entree had tax, so our bill went from 79 dollars to just 66 cents plus tip.  This is explained in more detail in my book.  Join me for the free VIP treatment.  Happy Saving 16!

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