Making Miracles From Miles

Welcome travel enthusiasts!  One of my bucket goal lists was to visit Australia.  The idea of being trapped in coach for 24 hours seemed daunting.  My flyer status is with Delta and on their website I saw the bad news.   Coach tickets were averaging 2,500 dollars and business/first tickets were averaging 11,000 dollars.  To cash in my reward miles the news was just as bad.

The best to be done with miles for my balance of 236,000 would be Delta Comfort for a whopping 207,000 miles.  First class was an astounding 748,000 miles.  Zoinks!

What happened?  First, a Delta ticket agent incorrectly booked my flight finding discount first class legs of travel.  Second no one would help me when my reservation disappeared.  Third, a second incorrect reservation was booked.  Fourth, there was no more room on a return flight so all my past reservations were cancelled.

Finally, on my fifth try I called Delta’s corporate office and  reached an amazing reservation specialist.  The call ended with me using 240,000 miles for an entire business/first class trip.  The moral of this tale is: set a goal, be persistent and make your own miracles.

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