There are more airline upgrades.It is easier to get bumped from coach to premium economy and from premium economy to business class. The business class seats are smaller than first class. First class cabins will now have more inventory offering better deals in the business cabin.

Some airlines are shrinking their first class cabins or opting for business class seats. Lufthansa is slashing from 90 to 75 percent of its flights offering first class seating. Quatar, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific are also implementing changes to how many first class cabins are in flight. Meanwhile, the 10,000 dollar seating is being offered with top chefs, 23 inch screen TVs, personal lockers and privacy.  These new cabins are being introduced on: British Airways, Air France and Emirates.

Car rentals now have options as well. If you don’t like to wait, check out skurtapp.com  You can rent your car online and have it delivered.  Zipcar has been adding its presence at airports.  You can now swipe your card and go.



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