When the weather gets warmer, wedding season starts to kick into high gear.  Now, you can finally marry whomever you want, however you want and create your own wedding template. You can cut costs and not sacrifice any of the fun.

Lets get started. You may want to start off on the right foot by asking the parents for their blessing not permission. Trim your guest list. This is the easiest way to save money. Sunday afternoon can be the cheapest time to get married. A Sunday brunch can also be very stylish.   Have a more intimate dinner and then a blowout party for the extended guest list. Wedding Part Deux

As the saying goes: “there is no place like home.”  Your hometown may be cheaper than a larger metropolitan area. . Get your invites out at least two months before the big day. You can now skip the gift bags that are often left behind or a burden to carry. You can skip having a formal bridal party to avoid World War Three and to cut costs. You can use any flowers that the the couple likes and can afford. Learn to haggle.  Many independent vendors will negotiate a price or be flexible with terms if asked correctly.  Finally, live happily ever after….

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