As a new season of Worst Cooks In America airs and people recognize me for being funny and stressed, I chose the next phase of happiness, wealth and recognition. Join me

I embrace the understanding that there’s an infinite
supply of money, because money is energy.

I harness and leverage my inherent power of 
openness, defenselessness and vulnerability 
to bring forth and realize my wish to tap, 
receive, have and hold ever-increasing 
amounts of money and financial wealth.

According to Positive Psychology doing at least one of these steps daily will help each of us to cultivate a new habit of positive thought which in turn supports our being more successful in general. Done consistently, these actions will start to prime our brain for positivity, which will have a genuine impact on our health, sense of well-being, and success. Each day choose one or two. Some day(s) you might be feeling really motivated and want to do all six – honor your own best pace and timing.

• Write 3 things about yourself that you like, appreciate or feel grateful for. Each time you are drawn to this step choose NEW things to express.
• Do 2 minutes of appreciation – sit quietly and think, or write for 2 minutes about something you appreciate or have gratitude for.
• Write a short note or email to someone in your family, a friend or a colleague letting them know what you appreciate them for – a good job they’ve done, the quality you most like them for or something they’ve done that has had an impact on you in some way.
• Journal about one thing that has happened in the last 24 hours that you are thankful for.
• Exercise, stretch, move – remembering to stay in present moment mindfulness
• Meditate – some of us have trouble with single focus mindfulness or meditation. If you feel like you could use some help with this check out the website: DoAsOne They have four ‘rooms’ you can choose from and you’ll see others all over the world who are also visiting the room. They also have an app for iPhone or Android if that’s a help.

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